Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Obligatory First Introductory Post

I am stuck at this obligatory first introductory post.

Stating out the factual information about me will be WAYYYY too boring, because seriously, how interesting are you expecting me to be. If I was mildly interesting to start with, I wouldn't have been here writing this blog in the first place since I'd be so busy charming all the non-interesting commoners with my gastronomical interesting-ness. 

Well, apparently that is not happening so let's get back to this post.

Ok the fact is I've been writing on www.for33seconds.blogspot.com since my teenage years and maybe it's partially because of that very fact, I feel that it's time for me to start a NEW blog so yayyyyyyy here you are on Definite Darling! 

The name itself was an impromptu invention because EVERY DAMN NAME IS TAKEN COS THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WITH TOO MUCH TIME AND INTERNET ACCESS and even the url EVERYDAMNNAMEISTAKEN.blogspot is TAKEN so just imagine how many people owns a blog in the world ohmahgawd. 

FUN FACT: The first post on everydamnnameistaken.blogspot.com is dated 2005. I feel so obliged to email that author to correct her impatience which could have misled many new people with too much time and internet access bloggers to fret since it's NOT true that EVERY DAMN NAME is taken at 2005 because DefiniteDarling.blogspot.com was apparently NOT taken before 11th Aug 2014.

Ok I need to come back.

If you REALLY REALLY need a context of who I am and all, you can always go to for33seconds to read more. Honestly speaking, I fell in love with myself a little (in a totally legit psychologically healthy way) when I was reading my old blog yesterday and it kind of made me realize the significance and importance of having a personal blog and that's why I decided to create the DefiniteDarling. But please avoid reading the really old posts from like 2009 and 2008, cos then I'll know you've learnt that I too, had been an embarrassing teenager once and that seems to make all the wise and enlightening and deeply hilarious but still with a tinge of life lessons sandwiched and peppered over posts that I'm going to write in the future invalid. Sometimes I think high school days exist so that no matter how low one's life gets after that, one can always look back and said, 'ahhhh I've survived high school - I can do this now".

But if you are lazy like me, you can just read the 'About this Space' section which I personally think will suffice as a context to this blog. And if your vision is too lazy to move to such a right space (right as in right and left, not as in right and wrong..I just felt that I should make myself clear about this lexical confusion. And also the fact that using the word 'lexical' makes me feel really smart *light smirk*), here's what it says:

This is a story of a twenty-ish girl - notice I didn't specify twenty-WHAT, so that this description can hold true for a good few years. Oh my brilliant farsightedness! - living her life, of which she tries to converge with her sometimes ohh too fluffy dreams.

You might find yourselves disliking some sides of her, while falling in love with her on other times.

Either way, she's grateful of you being here and wishes you a good day ahead. 


Ok NOW this introductory post seems good enough to be a introductory post.

I think it's quite amazing that you've actually stayed through the entire post to reach here so I genuinely want to say 'thank you' and hope to see you soon loves. But if you've scrolled passed the entire post to reach here then the 'thank you' and 'love' is definitely NOT for you. You (as in the you's that've NOT read the entire post, not the former group. I love the former group :) ) are also not entitled to call me a mean shit because if this post has a life, you have basically scrolled through its life and announced to it that 'ok all I'm interested in is your death'. So yea, no 'thank you' and 'love' for you, post-killers.

This was taken 2 years back in Vietnam. 

Don't be tricked into thinking that I am as normal as I appeared to be.