Friday, 17 October 2014

Why Are We Together


A few days ago, a dear friend of mine recommended an article to me. It was a detailed dissection on the notion of marriage. I did not read through every single line, because it was a really long. I was scanning through the paragraphs when I came across this: 

how one thinks they can develop together with their spouse and whether they are just together because they think they are happy, which basically comprises of highly circumstance-specific moments that could have led to happiness regardless of who the companion was. 

This is the part that hit me.

Time diluted our feelings, time taught us to take things for granted, time made us fearful of ending and starting all over again. At this age, time is the only asset we have, but apparently, we have absolutely no idea how to use it to our advantage. 

This is the part we are still trying to learn, but love feels so over-rated at times that I dont even know anymore if it indeed worths so much effort and time.

Hope you are having a better Friday night than me. 
Hope we will always have the courage to do the right things.