Wednesday, 22 April 2015

And so Alice finally found Mattia

 "Among prime numbers, there are some that are even more special. Mathematicians call them twin primes: pairs of prime numbers that are close to each other, almost neighbors, but between them there is always an even number that prevents them from truly touching.

If you have the patience to go on and counting, you discover that these pairs gradually become rarer. You encounter increasingly isolated primes, lost in that silent, measured space made only of ciphers, and you develop a distressing presentiment that the pairs encountered up until that point were accidental, that solitude is the true destiny."

I chanced upon [The Solitude of Prime Numbers] back when I was still a teenager. It is one of those books that has stayed in my memory, even though I could barely remember its storyline. 

That's the thing about me I realised. 

Even with people, I can never remember the details of our conversation, their birthdays, which restaurants we've been to... But I can always remember how I felt when I was with them. It's however beyond the capacity of my words to describe and put a name to it. It's like whenever I think of the person, it feels like I am right next to them.

And now the current circumstances bring my mind all the way back to this book. I am still not sure of what it is ready to teach me, but at least now I know there's a reason to things.

Goodnight darlings.