Friday, 26 June 2015

Oh Farewell

Yes I've been away
But now I'm back as 2.0, which does not necessarily mean it's better
It simply means 1.0 has passed and gone.

This is how my life is: Away, back, away suddenly, back temporarily, away but still around, back but left some pieces behind. 

That's why I dont do farewells, I avoid them physically and emotionally as much as possible. Because human memory is a funny thing, it seems to be more manageable when you miss a vague cloud of notions, feelings and recollections; but if you have a specific face, voice or encounter in your mind, you'd be doomed

So forgive my selfishness, forgive my alleged lack of sentiments. Life ticks by the seconds and that's why I would never, and could never choose the past; but even so, it doesnt make it any less significant than the present or the future. Isn't it much easier to live when we stop getting sooo obsessed over yesterdays, yesteryears, tomorrows, and tomorcolumns?

I am a different person right now from last night. 
And that's the person you'll get.