Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Don't Tell Me Who I Ought To Be

You are always gonna judge me

Based on your prior perception and experience with people in your life whom you deem as the same type as me

Cos it’s just so convenient isn't it
Not having to subject yourself to the lengthy process of chartering into the unknown territory that is my personality, character, and soul
where you will have to see me as a stand-alone individual 

So you’ve already decided right from the beginning
That I shall never be worthy of you embarking on such laborious journey just to reach a conclusion of whether you will like me as a person  

It’s like you take one look at me
interact with me for an hour
and then proceed to file me into your mind as followed
  • Open People (C:) drive
  • Select a common folder: Colleagues/Schoolmates/Acquaintances/Friend’s friend/etc.”
  • Select the corresponding folders and subsequent subfolders for further profiling  Gender->Age->Race->Religion->Nationality->Education Background->etc.
  • Finally, when you reach the Type” folder, scroll down the list and drop my file into the Materialistic” folder, and if you have extra time, quickly copy my file and paste it into some other folders such as “Will Do Anything For Money/Shallow/Arrogant/etc.”


So can you imagine how much effort it will take if you were to change your mind and think 
“Hey, let me know this person as a brand new individual instead”??

You will have to:
  • Locate ALL the folders that my files are present in
  • Evaluate again if it’s still the right location (i.e. still true to what you’ve learnt of me)
  • Delete or move my files to other folders based on your conclusion from previous step
  • If no appropriate folder is found, you actually have to RIGHT CLICK ON EMPTY SPACE -> SELECT ‘NEW’ -> SELECT ’NEW FOLDER’ AND THEN DROP MY FOLDERS IN

How tedious right.

But you know what
I’m actually not very bothered with whatever folder you placed me in

What I am NOT okay with is people 

In other words
People can have every perceptions of me for all they want to
But don’t, henceforth, expect me to start behaving according to the way you have categorized me

Because I can safely tell you
your perception is not
 -and will never be-
the truth about me
You just have no idea