Monday, 14 December 2015

What to do at work when it's December and you are really bored

Prerequisite: You should have DONE EVERYTHING from clicking through all your emails, going to a looooong lunch, reading actual world news and then moving on to news such as 'Is Robot Sex The Future of Humanity?', texting your boyfriend, thinking about how to spend your remaining hours and then realizing that you are already solving the question by doing the actual thinking of how to spend your time. 

Because, hmm, thinking takes time. and thinking of how to spend time is spending time by itself. I dont really know why I am explaining this, I just feel really Nabokov explaining it. And I also don't know why I wrote that 'I just feel really Nabokov' phrase, I haven't even read the Lolita.

Anyway, you get the point. Please be CERTAIN that you are GENUINELY and SUFFICIENTLY bored before you embark on trying what I have attempted below.

Since it's already December, it's natural that I start to think of what I should accomplish next year. But because I am too lazy to craft my own new year resolution and also that Robert E.Kahn and Vint Cerf had this amazing invention called the Internet (This piece of information is credible becos I just googled 'who invented the internet' and felt slightly mindblown becos I was USING THE INTERNET ITSELF to find out about THE INTERNET. It's like having to scoop a spoonful of spoons with a spoon. Oh my god. Scooping a spoonful of spoons with a spoon. Is this the start of my tongue twister writing career?? Albeit not such a fantastic one cos I was basically twisting your tongue with the same word which is really amateur. And also, I need to stop being so Nabokov), I left it to the Internet world to decide how my 2016 should turn out to be. 

And it sure looks exciting already.