Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Taiwan Trip: Post-Trip Recap


I had been away for a 16-day long trip to Taiwan with Q (IT WAS OUR TRIP TGT :DDD) and here's a post-trip recap of our route, accommodations and transport modes. 

As you can see from the blue lines, we generally traveled by public buses for the first leg (ie. Taipei to Hualien) and hitchhiked all the way from Hualien onward (see the red lines). Each hitchhiking journey is a story on its own and I will be covering them in a separate post soon. As of now, the weird names - Little Mouse, Scary Night, etc - are just some snippets happened during the journey that became how we called each ride.

Except for the Taipei hostel (ie. Banana Hostel) and the Taroko Hostel (Liwu Hostel), all the other accommodations were on the spot walked-ins. And that's why you see there's this 'Cui Feng - Outside some garage!' entry - I will of course tell yall how that even happened soon, just anticipate as of now, it's a good story I promise you.

I really really like using Google My Maps (it's not an ad don't worry, I'm not famous enough for Google to even know my existence) to plan for my trip. Just give it a try, you can thank me (and Google) later. Anyw, here's the link to my map above: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=14zMeHawPmq0fecMa5LxkdX0AACs. For each of the accommodation, I have added the links to the respective booking websites so you can see for yourself how the place looks like. I might also be adding more details to the map (e.g. bus number, timetables, places to eat/to go etc.) as I write the blog posts later, so hopefully it can provide some help to someone out there on the internet.

Stay tune!