Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I'm Just Saying You Could Do Better

A situation has recently presented itself abruptly, giving me a much needed reminder of the vulnerabilities that have always been shrouding my life - though they had seemed scanty at times but that's merely 'cos I've forgotten about them.

I'm not young enough to be completely reckless anymore. 
But, I'm also not old enough to settle and give in to fate willingly.

"There's always an opportunity in an adversity", I told myself.

In fact, regardless of all the bullshit that I wrote in my resume, it's really nothing but the hardest moments in my life that have formed the very basis of my character; and I’d would always take pride in my reaction to those times. The start is hardly any glamorous. I allow myself to see the absolute worst of myself – the fear, the hate, the self-torment – and to break completely under those weights. Till a point that something in me just snapped, and I would gather myself up and just face head-on whatever that’s in front of me.

When the peaceful days last too long, I become complacent, slipping into a state of comfort and forgetting the fight in me. You see, it’s a vicious cycle that one can get easily stuck in: I don’t fight anymore, I make myself vulnerable; I then realize that and clinch on to the status quo even tighter, in fear of putting up a fight that might cost me the comfort that I can have now. That mindset feeds on itself and kicks the cycle on and on and on…

This is when you need an adversity come crashing into your life, pushing you out of your orbit and making you relook at yourself.

I am writing very vaguely right now because sometimes, things can be sensitive or not ready to be shared. On most days I would be telling you about my misadventures and we all can have a good laugh together; but at the end of the day, we all are young adults facing adult problems and we can’t just skimp through life like this. The point of this post is, if you too, have been waiting for a reminder or a sign, then yes here it is. Get your butt off right now and start to get your life together. This is as much for me as it is meant for you.

So goodbye comfort, I’m now done with you.