Thursday, 2 June 2016

Mixtape Session: Jazz for some rainy days

I can't sing for nuts.

 in fact my singing is often taken as a form of entertainment by many loved ones. Cos really, you too will be amazed at how anyone who puts in so much heart and energy to sing, and yet still can be this bad.."

Moral of the story: I loooove music, no matter how much I suck at it. A piece of melody could easily bring back the memories of a place, a person, a period of my life, and sometimes even the memory of a scent (who else rmb places by its scent?). And since music plays such a significance in my life, it only makes sense that I record it here and share with you (and future self).

So, on this rainy afternoon, sitting in my little cubicle (why must cubicle walls ALWAYS be in uninspiring neutral colours?! Will a pastel pink wall somehow decrease people's productivity or what?! That should be a separate bitching session some other day), I put together this five jazz songs that very aptly describe my mood right now. Singapore has been having very rainy afternoon recently, and how I would love to curl up in my cosy little home, sipping warm fruit teas, and doing silly dances on my way to the fridge.

If you are alone tonight or having a rainy day too, why not have a listen :)