Friday, 28 November 2014

爸爸去哪儿 (Daddy Where Are We Going)

This is what I've been up to for the passed few days (totally avoiding the revision of my last two papers instead).

It is basically a Chinese reality show, called 爸爸去哪儿 (Daddy Where Are We Going) where the celebrity dads bring their kids to experience a short trip together with other dads and kids for every episode. The girl in the video is one of my favourites (SUPERRR CUTEEEEE!!) and she is 曹格's younger child. 

It sounds like a very simple show but I have to say it has unexpectedly made me feel emotions more than what I've expected to. Not only it stirs up reminiscence of my childhood, gives me a clearer understanding of parenting, and also makes me question my current state of maturity. 

Everyone has their favourite and it's really not difficult to love them cos they all appeared to be so innocent and lovable. 


Sometimes they would show a side of them that you'd never expected to be even present in that little angelic being. It is ugly, it is selfish, it is unreasonable, it is annoying, it is inconsiderate, it is evil. At times like this, I find myself so disappointed in them that I started to dislike them quite a fair bit. 


When I saw subsequently how the fathers tried to teach them patiently why what they've done was wrong, and how they guiltily realised that and apologized in tears, my heart went all softy soft again. 

I feel so ashamed that I didnt think of teaching them like the fathers did, but instead, chose to deny them the chance to learn by judging them and defining them by their mistakes. It's not like I didn't make a single mistake when I was a child myself, I probably made even more mistakes than them. :(

It was amazing to see how the fathers never felt any bit of negativity towards their kids no matter how horrible the mistakes appeared to be, it's really IN YOUR FACE how parents will ALWAYS continue loving their children NO MATTER WHAT THEY TURNED OUT TO BE.

That's the most touching thing I learnt from this show. It is cliche to the most cliche drawer of the cliche house, but watching it with your own eyes from all perspective is a whole new different thing.

Kids are genius and precious in their own ways, but many a times, they are also a mirror for their own parents.

All the kids deserves love, becos they have no hate in them.