Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Yea I Turn 23

So hey, I've turned 23 on last Friday and I was once again, overwhelmed with surprise and gracefulness by the loves I was showered with, despite being a rather difficult person to love.

I think I've grown so much in the passed one year, in fact I could easily say it was one of the most. I lost many but I've gained more in return.

One of the most precious thing I've learnt this year is letting go. To let go is to stay true and be brave for yourself. I've yet to master it of course, but I'm glad I've at least started somewhere.

This was me on my birthday last year in Berlin, for a cosy dinner with my dearest friend in a super home-liked restaurant tucked in a dark alley.

How lucky I am, to be surrounded by my loved ones and laughters for all my birthdays.  And ofc, red wine as well. 

Thank you all for loving me. It makes me want to become a better person just for you.


On a side note, I've also learnt to be a rude bitch to people who dont deserve kindness and politeness at all and what could better illustrate this than an incident that had happened ytd. 


So this random guy got my number somewhere and sent me a video out of the blue. I didn't download that video cos I was nearing my data usage limit (First World Problem I know) so I just wanted to check if it's really someone I know.

Mum would have said I shouldn't have wasted my time talking to him at all, but I really cant stand the thought of these fucktards living around and trying to spread their foulness. After I sent my last msg and blocked him, I panicked for a second and thought what if he had really genuinely sent to the wrong number by mistake (though he's still poor in his logical thinking). So I downloaded the video after connecting to wifi (I. .. I don't know I just feel that I have to explain this to show that my previously mentioned FWP is true) and BINGO it was a random movie clip of an old man humping some naked statues. 

God, these fucktards. 
They dont even deserved to have their number censored here.