Sunday, 8 March 2015

It's 2015 baby

Hi I'm back, albeit after a few months. Apologies for the lack of consistency in writing, I'm still working with that.

I totally agree that we all experience accelerating rate of change in our twenties. And that's why I found myself missing this space, I need a point of reference, I need an anchor.

In the past few months, I went to China for a month plus, where I realised how closely knitted my life is with Google (which is banned in China as you know). I cant go to email, blogger, Youtube, Google Playstore, Google itself, and to make things worse, Instagram and Facebook dont work there as well. My life became nonfunctional, but that also meant I had a lot of time for myself. 3/4 through the month, I actually grew to know more about myself. 

Suddenly I felt free, I was no longer compelled to 'be updated' and resulted to having a lot of genuinely free time for myself.

The instant access I have in Singapore is taken for granted, the censorship in China is not challenged, but the common point is, we ALL seem to be OKAY with immersing our lives in technology. And the extent is rather sad. I admit through this experience, I've learnt I can never live without it now (I secretly always dream of running away and live as a cavewoman in the mountains), but I also know life is so much more than just facing the screens. 

Then it's the job-search. 

I am graduating this May and though I had NEVER see any appeal in the 9-5 regime, I'm starting to see work in a different light - and that is to be in control of my learning and path. And for this, I am actually looking forward to it. Guess this is part of growing up. 

Love is perplexing, as usual. We are all going through a rough patch now and still trying to figure out the right way out. But it's no longer unhappy, we have grown a lot since the unhappy days.


Last thing, I managed to find the photos of the earlier accident back in Phuket. So you may want to take a look here.

This was where we slept in Changi airport cos we missed our flight.

The place where we were surrounded by the wailings of wild dogs.

The Thai military camp lies behind that turn. This was also taken seconds before our crash. 

The very kind restaurant owner sent us to this clinic and it was my view for that half an hour.

Selfie with the owner's kid whom we picked up along the way.

We threw away a few pieces of clothes cos there was blood everywhere.

Back to the restaurant for a dinner with view. 

The owner securing our scooter at the back of the truck in the rain before he sent us back. 

 All water activities had to be cancelled cos of our wounds. So all we could do was chilling.

Wow, it was only 9 months ago. Felt like ages alrd.