Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Love is a spark. 
Sometimes it lights up your life; sometimes you burn down things with it.

Love is a key. 
Sometimes it opens a door for you; sometimes you lock yourself in with it.

Love is giving up. 
Sometimes it rids your vices; sometimes you sacrifice your dreams for it.

Love is a change. 
Sometimes it changes your world; sometimes you use it to change the other.

Love is a connection.
 Sometimes it guides you to happiness; sometimes you trace grudges through it.

Love is a trip. 
Sometimes it brings you to the greatest wonders; sometimes you find your way back with it.

Love is a gamble.
 Sometimes it wins you a future; sometimes you lose yourself in it.

At the end of the day, I'm still sorry how things had turned out for us.
But hey, it's time to face the music. 
Love is not as bad as we've made it to be.
I am sure.
Hope you would come to realize that from the next person.

So this is for you.
The last time you as you.