Thursday, 12 March 2015

SILKAIR screwed it up again and again and again

Religion teaches us to be okay with people fucking around with us.
Even so, there IS still a limit to it.
And besides, when was I ever religious?

But it's not too rude a compliant isn't it?
I mean, given they screwed up NOT ONCE NOT TWICE BUT FREAKING THRICE for us just in this quarter alone. 
And now I have to biologically control my eyeballs from rolling whenever people mention Singapore airlines and quality in the same sentence.

As the email said, I actually FORGOT about all the unpleasantry after my own flight until the saga repeats again for my mum recently. 
One simply does not accidentally off her bitch mode TWICE.

So yup Silkair, clock is ticking for you and I am not kind anymore.