Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Please Don't Stop Wandering

For the past 9 months, I have unconsciously morphed into the typical corporate person that I had detested the most since my school days.

  1. I wear light makeup to work everyday - those kind just enough to tell the world that I am presentable and trashy.
  2. I wear booooring office dresses - black, grey, navy, knee-length, pleated, tweed... and blend in perfectly into a iStock office photo.
  3. I wrap myself with a shawl at work due to the merciless air-con and when I get out for lunch, I avoid outdoor places cos the heat is out to bake me.
  4. I get bored at work most of the time and start to blog more frequent, but at times I get so busy that I can hardly squeeze for time to gorge down my lunch.
  5. And the sad truth is, I busied myself out doing absolutely valueless things most of the time - gathering news, updating database, generating excel tables, sending chaser emails etc.

So when I came upon this photo of myself wandering along some Norwegian streets, I felt something in my mind. Something that feels really distant but nonetheless precious.

How I miss that self of me. 

I was inquisitive, my mind was fresh and energized. There seemed to be meaning to my every day and every day was passed memorably. 

Is that kind of life only possible when one is young and carefree?
Does growing up mean to become dull and losing that shine in one's soul?
It's hardly a year, what would I be at the end of my life?